Voices: Haiti’s Elections: Illegitimately Recounting Fraud

Linked on our blogs with Stephen Lendman – USA. – Published on The Peoples Voice, by Stephen Lendman, January 2, 2011.

Haiti’s November 28 elections were irremediably fraudulent, farcical and outrageous. The entire process was rigged. New elections, including all excluded parties, are essential, but not planned. Instead, so-called independent OAS experts began recounting verification to legitimize fraud … //

… Nothing thereafter was solved. Today it’s worse with Haiti turned “into a capitalist country, an export platform for the American market, it is absurd” and deeply exploitive.  “More than 90% of the education and health systems are in private hands. The country has no public resources for the functioning of an official system even in a minimal fashion….When the unemployment (underemployment) rate is at 80%, deploying a stabilizing mission is intolerable. There is nothing to stabilize….Its mandate in Haiti is to keep peace of the cemetery.” 

Predatory NGOs make it worse, exploiting vulnerable Haitians for profit. “There is an evil or perverse relationship between the NGOs’ strength and the Haitian State’s weakness. Some NGOs exists only because of the Haitian misfortune,” yet do little to relieve it. A few other comments included:

  • it’s “unacceptable from the moral point of view to (use) Haiti as a laboratory;”
  • “Haiti is ground zero of humanity’s tragedy and the failings of its international solidarity;”
  • its November 28 elections were disastrous, a sham, by “any measure….a violation of the democratic will of the Haitian people;” and
  • “Two hundred years ago, Haiti illuminated the history of mankind and of human rights. Now it is necessary that we give the Haitians a chance to confirm their vision.”

Sadly, Washington’s iron fist denies it; using Haiti as a colony for profit; its people easy prey to exploit; its history, cultural traditions, and creativeness kept out of sight and mind. No wonder Seitenfus said America and European countries are “colonialist, racist, and a world of slavery that based (their) richness on the exploitation of third world countries.” No wonder saying it got him fired. (full long text).

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