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Found on the net, during the last two months:
Planet of Slums;
The major industrial and financial centre;
Bombay’s billion dollar slum;
The soul of a city, Bombay Lost and Found;
CM’s volte face on slum rehab;
State plans bill to bypass HC order on slum rehab;
Slum Futures;
Cut-off by the date;
Inside the slums: MUMBAI, Light in the darkness;
Slums (Zopadpattis);
Life online;
Mumbai slums and the search for ‘a heart’: ethics, ethnography and dilemmas of studying urban violence;
Metroblogging Mumbai;
History of Slums in Mumbai;
Slums, the magnitudde of the problem;
Making Mumbai into Shangai;
The Slum Sanitation Program in Mumbai;
Mumbai’s Slum demoltions;
Mumbai slum dwellers’ sewage project goes nationwide;
BBC, India’s biggest slum demolitions;
Bombay Slum Tours;
Mumbai slums valued at billions;
Slum cities;
Urban Squatters and Slums
Megacities must urgently address the needs of slum dwellers to prevent human disaster;

On this Economic blog in December 2006:
Hope in the slums: women’s work in Bangladesh;
Programme for Women of slum areas;
Slum & Money, one;
Slum & Money, two;

On our Humanitarian blog in December 2006:
Mumbai pavement dwellers finally get their homes;
Rethinking resettlement in Mumbai;
Women in Slums, an UN study.

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