Report says man causing global warming

PARIS, Feb. 2 (UPI) (science daily) – Human activity is the source of global warming, said a major scientific report on greenhouse gas emissions issued by a United Nations panel in Paris Friday. The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which released its report at a Friday morning press conference Webcast around the world, also said global warming could not be reversed. The rising sea levels and higher temperatures that accompany global warming “would continue for centuries … even if greenhouse gas concentrations were to be stabilized,” the panel’s report said … (full text).

My comment: meanwhile, thousands of articles worldwide, telling all the same: “we have to reduce … !”. Reduce what?

Sorry, I do not believe that this message, even if true, is made by our big mainstream press for our better world. I am sorry, but my paranoia tells me: here are guys wanting reduce us. I agree for a safe and respectful use of our resources, I agree to take only what I need, not more.

But, why in all these articles pratically no one urges for researches about old frozen ‘free energy projects’? Since 50 years it is known that the energy lobby buys every patent bringing foreward illimited energy! Why no one cries for them? Why only masochist reduction of human activity. As the powerful, you know, the ones having the money and the tools to take what they want, do you really think THEY will reduce anywhat?

Come on …

Hereafter some links for free energy researches: Some may be more serious than others, I am not able to judge any of them, but let’s look seriously at every possibiliy:

etc. etc., just put the keywords ‘free energy research’ into Google.

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