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Picked up in Weitzenegger’s newsletter of February 2007. To read many interesting news and articles, go to ‘The website for International Development Cooperation‘, and its (english) Newsletter.

Welcome to the Development Gateway Foundation’s online resources portal for development information and knowledge-sharing worldwide. The tools on this website bring together people and organizations around the globe who are working to improve life in developing countries.

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Information Tools, Global Partnerships, Effective Aid; DGF is an international nonprofit organization with the mission to reduce poverty and enable change in developing nations through information technology. To this end, DGF provides Web-based platforms that make aid and development efforts more effective around the world.

We focus our resources in three areas where even small investments in information and communications technology (ICT) can make a major difference:

  • Effective government – enabling better aid management and coordination, and more efficient and transparent government procurement.
  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration – leveraging the Internet for online communications among development practitioners worldwide.
  • Local partner programs in nearly 50 countries – connecting developing country organizations into our mission and helping empower them to use ICT to scale up local development efforts.

Differential impacts of trade policy for men and women: Trade and trade liberalisation have very different impacts on women and men – which can result in fundamental shifts in gender roles, relationships and inequalities.

An overview of the relationship between trade and gender
The reality of trade in the Americas: a gender perspective;
Addressing the differential impacts of trade on women and men;
Promoting gender equality in international trade relations.

Moreover increasing claims that countries should be enabled to ”trade their way out of poverty” means that there is an urgent need to address how trade can promote gender equality and development. This Development Gateway highlight with its related links aims to support trade specialists in bringing a gender perspective into their work, and to help gender specialists to understand the broad implications of trade policy and practice. Women all over the world are increasingly joining the bottom rungs of the global supply chain. It can be argued that increased opportunities to join the cash economy are a positive development for women, whose additional income has the potential to increase both their status and the well-being of the family. But what are the costs of new trade regimes, and do they outweigh the benefits? How can development practitioners promote gender equality and better support women’s access to the benefits of trade? What policies are likely to have an effect on gender equality and how can such policies be influenced? (text).

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