Germany and Africa

Picked up in Weitzenegger’s newsletter of February 2007. To read many interesting news and articles, go to ‘The website for International Development Cooperation‘, and its (english) Newsletter.

Germany made Africa one of the key themes for their dual presidency of the EU and G8:

The German Presidency’s development co-operation priorities will include Africa, work on a proposed EU-Africa energy partnership, progress towards economic partnership agreements and measures to combat AIDS and malaria (delivering on the G8’s promise, at the G8 summit in Gleneagles in 2005, of an extra 50 billion dollars per annum in development aid by 2010).

Resuming the Doha international trade negotiations will be one of the German Presidency’s priorities, but the EU should not focus on Doha to the exclusion of its important bilateral or bi-regional trade agreements (such as those with Mercosur, the Gulf Co-operation Council and the Andean Community).

Industrial competitiveness, the drive for better regulation, and the need to build on the success of the so-called ”New Approach” to standardization in ensuring product safety will be high on the German Presidency’s agenda. Official Website.

VENRO, the federal association of more than 100 development organisations in Germany, together with the African partner organisations of its members, worked out a manifesto ”Prospects for Africa – Europe’s Policies”. The NGOs call on the German Federal Government to campaign for a poverty-oriented European development policy focusing on the Millennium Development Goals. Prospects for Africa – Europe’s Policies.

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