Stop Impunity

Linked on our blogs with Action des chrétiens pour l’abolition de la torture – ACAT France; and with Les cyber-activistes arabes face à la liberté sur Internet made in USA. – Published on FIACAT, by staff.

Say no to impunity:

  • How can we denounce torture in a country that has no rule of law? This is a very real difficulty faced by a number of ACATs.
  • Justice is a key element in the abolition of torture. Torturers must be tried and found guilty, victims must be rehabilitated and compensated.
  • However, impunity rules in many countries. There are many reasons for this (a legal system that pledges alliance to the ruling power, generalised corruption, a lack of means and desire to bring about change, …).
  • This is why it is important to oversee the drafting and putting in place of binding legal structures on a national and international level … //

… Alternatives in the fight against impunity: 

Certain countries have set up “Truth and Reconciliation” Commissions (Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, South Africa and Uruguay) enabling the truth to come out about abuses that have been committed but the Commissions do not adopt proper legal mechanisms and generally offer amnesties to those being investigated.

Since 2002, Rwanda has made use of traditional courts called Gacaca to try to relieve the overcrowded prisons and enable a speeding-up of the legal process.

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