3 requests for information and help

Picked up in HREA’s Newsletter of February 23, 2007.

Dear Members, Below is a compilation of requests for information sent to the Global Human Rights Education listserv during the past two weeks. At the bottom of each request you will find an e-mail address, so that you can respond to the request directly.

1. SEEKING RESOURCES ON SEXUAL HEALTH AND HUMAN RIGHTS – Dear Global HRE list serve, I am in the process of compiling human rights education resources and workshops session plans for a toolkit for a three day workshop on Sexual Health and Human Rights that will be used by the NGO staff and sex workers in South-East Asia and Southern and Eastern Africa. If you can suggest any good resources please let me know. Many thanks, e-mail.

2. LOOKING FOR MA PROGRAMME IN HRE – I am Harsimran Singh, post-graduate in education (M.Ed.) from Panjab University Chandigarh. I have earned my first bachelor degree (B.Sc.) in physical sciences and second bachelor Degree (B.Ed.) in education. I have chosen education as my professional career; I have fortune to be in great teams as I get on well with most people. So I have earned two years’ experience in teaching secondary school standards. Besides this I have worked with NGO AAGAZ. Presently I am working with ALL INDIA RAMGARHIA VISHAWKARMA FEDERATION (REGD) as volunteer. I would like therefore to pursue my Masters’ degree in human rights education as my main career. However financial debility constrains me. Kindly advise me on existing academic programmes and funding for international students. Your response will be highly appreciated. Yours faithfully, e-mail.

3. LOOKING FOR LESSON PLANS TO TEACH HUMAN RIGHTS IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION (IRAN) – Hi, Thank you for the informative emails that you send to me, but my main cocern is to receive guidance or lesson plans to start introducing HRE in my English classes. As you already know we are limited by the authorities and we are not supposed to talk about irrelevant material in our classes, but the thing is that I can use reading passages in my classes, especially this term that I have a reading course and also a simple prose course where I’ll be able to use the material you will send me. I would be grateful to hear from you at your convenience. Thankfully yours, GS, Iran, e-mail.


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