Middle class has not taken on board how hard cuts will hit them

warns Clarke as he risks more Downing Street wrath – Published on Mail online, by Daily Mail Reporter, February 12, 2011.

The middle classes still do not understand the scale of the Government spending cuts about to hit them, Kenneth Clarke warned today. The outspoken Justice Secretary said the coalition was going to face ‘some political difficulty’ as people began to grasp just how hard they would be hit. He described the current economic situation as ‘calamitous’ and warned that there would be no ‘quick rebound’ … //

… The Liberal Democrat leader said the middle classes would ‘barely notice’ the impact on their living standards. Mr Clarke’s statement comes after shock figures showed that the economy shrank in the last three months of 2010, raising new fears of a possible double-dip recession. 

Shadow treasury chief secretary Angela Eagle said that Mr Clarke’s comments underlined the need for the Government to change its economic strategy. The Tory-led government may have boasted before Christmas that Britain was recovering and out of the danger zone, but their decisions have meant the economy has now stalled and both unemployment and inflation are rising,’ she said.

‘It’s time for David Cameron and George Osborne to wake up and realise their plan isn’t working. ‘They need a plan B that puts jobs and growth first and they need it quick.’ (full text).

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