Training Course on European Citizenship

Received by e-mail, they write (March 2, 2007):

Next week we start a 5-day Training Course on Active Citizenship and Youth Participation in Krakow, Poland. If anyone from your organisation is interested in our training course, please contact me asap and buy the ticket to join us in Krakow.

Training dates: 8.03 (arrival)-15.03.2007 (departure).

We can reimburse 70% travel costs. 25 euro participation fee is deducted from reimbursement. All costs concerning accommodation, boarding and training materials are covered by Pro Futuro Europae. We could also discuss possible future cooperation and partnership.

Countries eligible to take part in the training: Italy, Greece, Austria, Latvia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Cyprus, Turkey, Poland, Spain, Malta, Germany.

Age: 20-35.

All the materials regarding Training Course are available to download on our website.

Kindest regards, Luiza Czajkowska, Project Co-ordinator, +48505978341, website.

Instytut Europejski Pro Futuro Europae, Pl. Wolnosci 12, 40-078 Katowice, website, e-mail.

I am writing on behalf of Foundation Pro Futuro Europae. We are organising a training course on European Citizenship, Human Rights and active participation. We are supposed to host 24 participants from 13 organisations. Unfortunately today we received information from few of our partners, that they are unable to send participants due to some complications. That’s the reason we are looking for people who are interested in joining the course outside of the network of partners. It is also the reason we are launching this call so late.

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