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Excerpt: … The basic problem with Nigerian Education today is poor quality. Prolonging education will further deny poor people and females from becoming doctors and lawyers. Currently only the US and possibly Canada possess such a system in the whole world. We cannot afford this and we have completely different issues from them. This proposal is like the proverbial throwing the baby out with the bath water. Instead of spending money to improve quality, we are using up valuable resources to prolong the process of educating our poor graduates.

A young girl who graduates from secondary school at seventeen today, can only hope of being a doctor by age twenty seven by this proposed system. She then spends another five to seven years in residency. She finally completes her training at thirty two to thirty four. This is totally incredible when Nigerian life expectancy by WHO standards is fourty five years.

We stand to deny some of our best and brightest from achieving their potentials. The wealthy parents can of course bypass this and send their children abroad. This will then perpetuate an elitist system where only the wealthy can become doctors or lawyers.

There is an inherent problem in allowing too much elitism in Education. Conceivably Pilots, Accountants, School Teachers may demand two degrees to practice their professions. There is no need to embark on this process. Up until the late 1980?s, Nigeria produced excellent Lawyers and Doctors using the old educational values that we know best. Now that things have deteriorated we are better off going back to our time tested system instead of embarking on a new and costly system that will overtax the country.

I would like to add that I am not for lowering standards. I have the highest respect for the Legal profession in Nigeria.

I am a doctor and I am committed to excellence in my profession. I am suggesting that we improve our standards at the front door right at the gates of University. This proposed system leaves all the front and side doors open and closes only the back door. The gates of University start at Primary and Secondary School. Doctors and lawyers alone cannot build a Country. If the Country is producing poor lawyers and doctors, it is also producing poor engineers, teachers, economists and historians. Maybe the most obvious failings show up in Law and Medicine where very high standards are needed at all times. Attending to these two professions only leaves two small bandages on a gaping wound … (full text).

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