The Money Changers /Neo-Cons have control …

Recived by mail From: R. Wayne Wood
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Date: 04/03/2007

The Money Changers/Neo-Cons have control and the middle class is rapidly shrinking. They control the curriculum of our schools, colleges and universities and are thus able to take advantage of a financially dumbed down general public. I believe that Katherine Austin Fitts’ concept of “Voting With Your Money” is the only real way to strike at them in any way. I recently met Congressman Ron Paul at an international seminar I attended in Cancun, Mexico back in December. The Congressman told the audience that politics and politicians were never going to make the changes that we want and the world and the country need.

He said that it is up to individuals to educate themselves, and put into practice in their own lives, methods of extricating themselves from this corrupt system owned and ran by international bankers, insurance companies, and Big Pharma. With this in mind, many individuals have taken me up on my offer to mail them a Free copy of the audio presentation of “The Creature From Jekyll Island,” by G. Edward Griffin. That offer is still open by the way.

Just email your mailing address to R. Wayne Wood if you have not already done so.

Anyway, I wanted everyone to know that we are holding seminars and workshops all over the (USA) country in an attempt to get this information in front of as many eyes as possible, and open as many minds as possible. A financially literate public would pull the rug out from under these guys. While that may be unrealistic, as the majority of the population is content with being a complacent member of the herd of sheeple, at least you can make a difference in your own life and perhaps that of some of those in your sphere of influence. These workshops/seminars range from a short 2 hour presentation of some key material to full day seminars with many speakers including persons like Sherry Peel Jackson and Katherine Austin Fitts. I have pasted the current dates and places below. If you are interested in attending one of these just shoot me an email and I will get you the details on that particular event. You definitely will need to be prepared to think outside the box if you attend one of these though. Warm Regards, R. Wayne Wood.

Most of these seminars and workshops are free. For the larger seminars that are not free I have listed the price.

  • Albany, New York – March 17th – $50 Singles $80 Couples – Full Day Seminar
  • Atlanta, Georgia – March 17th – $50 Singles $80 Couples – Full Day Seminar
  • Phoenix, Arizona -July 13th
  • Los Angeles – April 21 – $50 Singles $80 Couples – Full Day Seminar
  • Los Angeles -July 27 or 28th
  • Colorado Springs – June 8th Oahu – March 23rd
  • Grants Pass, Oregon – February 17th
  • SanFrancisco – Coming Soon
  • Portland, Oregon – March 8th
  • Portland, Oregon – April 26th
  • Portland, Oregon – July 6th
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin – April 27th
  • Las Vegas – June 19 or 20th
  • Lexington, Kentucky – April 14th – $50 Singles $80 Couples – Full Day Seminar
  • Denver, Colorado – Details Pending – June 2007

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