A great way to kick off 2011 for the Robin Hood Tax

Linked on our blogs with Robin Hood Tax, and with my comment in german Wie kann die SPS das Ziel ‘Überwindung des Kapitalismus’ kommunizieren? – Published on OXFAM, by Sophie Freeman, February 28, 2011.

Bonus season has hit the UK. Barclays and RBS have handed over millions and HSBC look set to be similarly generous. At the same time the financial crisis is still affecting people around the world and cuts to public services begin to bite. The Government need to do more to show we really are ‘all in it together.’ 

So campaigners for a Robin Hood Tax have stepped up their work and have been out on the streets as part of a global day of action for the campaign. Activities took place in 25 countries. In the UK, supporters took their message directly to the banks making their ‘final demand’ for banks to pay their fair share.

A Robin Hood Tax could generate billions in the UK to help tackle poverty and climate change at home and abroad. In the UK the banks could afford to pay an extra £20bn in tax. With £7bn we could pay for free healthcare for 226 million people in poor countries. £7bn could help prevent cuts to libraries and other public services.

Campaigners were out across the country to show their support, in Glasgow, Cardiff, Hereford, Bristol, Wilmslow, Portsmouth and London. Local press snapped some great photos, passers-by were eager to sign up and the story even made it into the national press … (full text).

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