US coalition lobbies Congress on currency, trade matters

Linked on our blogs with Coalition for a Prosperous America CPA. – Published on TradeReform, by Laura Miller, March 16, 2011.

A coalition of US steelmakers, manufacturers, agricultural and labor concerns was in Washington last week lobbying Congress for the development of a national trade strategy, quick passage of a currency manipulation bill, and in opposition to the free trade agreement (FTA) with Korea … //

… In addition to asking Congress to pass the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act to address foreign currency manipulation, CPA members want the government to address “massive foreign tariffs” in the form of value-added taxes that harm trade competitiveness. 

The CPA is opposing passage of the Korean FTA (South Korea – United States Free Trade Agreement) for fear of a larger trade deficit and the loss of American jobs. It says a national trade strategy is needed before approving new trade agreements, Steel Business Briefing understands.

“A vibrant American manufacturing economy is a bipartisan cause central to achieving (national) security,” commented CPA labor co-chair Bob Baugh. “Congress must begin where it left off last year by taking action on currency legislation, a national manufacturing strategy and putting an end to bad trade deals.”

“We approached members of both parties with the core issue for economic recovery, which is balancing our trade deficit so we produce more goods, food, jobs and wealth in this country,” said SMA policy and communications director Adam Parr. (full text).

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