Philanthropy and Social Change

Published on Social Edge, by Parag Gupta, March 2011.

The Benefits of Philanthropy: It is estimated global philanthropy to developing countries totaled $53 billion in 2008 (CGP, 2008). The question is – can philanthropy tackle our current challenges and those that have yet to arise? Does it hold the key to unlocking social and environmental innovation? Or is it losing its relevance on a dynamic global stage?

As someone who has worked in and around the foundation world for the past nine years as program staff, grantee and consultant, it strikes me that there are three broad buckets of giving in ‘Realphilanthropik’ terms defined by intent and outcome.

I draw this distinction to make sure motive, goals, and expectations are aligned (with a healthy dose of self-awareness!): … (full text and 12 comments).

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