The Human Condition Series

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The Human Condition Serie’s annual international multidisciplinary conference will be held on May 17-19, 2007, Laurentian University, Georgian College, Barrie, Ontario.

Conference Theme: EMPIRE.

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The Human Condition is subject to a multitude of discursive intersections that are at once a reflection of our condition and the re-production of our re-condition. In the shadow of techno-science, globalization and environmental degradation, the human condition has become increasingly complex, fragmented and entrenched, while simultaneously being estranged from both itself and the various points of its’ conditioning.

The Human Condition is in need of critical reflection and intervention. The urgency to reflect on the human condition outside of past and future sentimentalities becomes a necessary task for those who refuse to resign to the repetition of the forces that make the present unbearable, even unlivable. That is, the present bears witness to a perpetual persistence of the anti-life forces that simultaneously rework and rearrange the political, juridical, market, cultural, religious and secular fundamentalisms of our time. In the vicissitudes of the making and the naturalizing project of Empire, Empire itself becomes a human condition, a condition of mourning, as well as an injunction that is imposed upon us both quantitatively and qualitatively. It is within this historical juncture that we seek to articulate, examine and locate the architectonics of Empire, to intervene in Empire as terror and in the terrorizing forces of Empire.

The series — The Human Condition — is an international, multidisciplinary conference that seeks to address the current state of the human condition.

This year’s theme in the Human Condition Series is Empire. (full text, click on links inside of the homepage).

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