Index June 2011

2011-06-01: real-world economics review: Invitation from 141 economists to join the World Economics Association;
2011-06-02: Cleaning up city squares in democratic Spain;
2011-06-03: … financial war … ;
2011-06-04: Is there hope?
2011-06-05: Pakistan and the US: A too-close embrace?
2011-06-06: Time to bury the IMF;
2011-06-07: China Ripoffs Cost U.S. $48 billion and 923,000 Jobs in 2009;
2011-06-08: On Fauxgressive Rationalizations of Selling Out to Powerful, Moneyed Backers;
2011-06-09: Soutenez la première candidature altermondialiste à la tête du FMI;
2011-06-09: Alternative Candidate Nominated: Aurélie Trouvé;
2011-06-10: Water privatisation: Senegal at the crossroads;
2011-06-10: SOCIÉTÉ: Femme, Famille, Affaires sociales … Les urgences du moment;
2011-06-11: Hedge funds create volatility in global food supply with land grabs across Africa;
2011-06-12: World Bank set to finance one of Latin America’s largest farmland grabbers;
2011-06-12: Délinquance sexuelle – les femmes aussi;
2011-06-13: Public-Public Partnerships in water;
2011-06-14: A Beginners Guide to Shadow Banking – Financial Crisis and Repo;
2011-06-15: Commonwealth Foundation grants for Women as Agents of Change;
2011-06-16: Israeli’s Rush for Second Passports;
2011-06-17: India, China middle class boom faces many challenges;
2011-06-18: How many SEALs died?
2011-06-19: Bilderberg 2011: The Rockefeller World Order and the High Priests of Globalization;
2011-06-19: Les Mutilations Sexuelles Féminines (dite Excision) dans le forum d’ENVOYE SPECIAL sur France 2;
2011-06-20: Guardian launches international development achievement award;
2011-06-21: Indicus’ Analytics: Crimes and punishment;
2011-06-22: 9/11 and the Orwellian Redefinition of Conspiracy Theory;
2011-06-23: Greek Saga Sails On;
2011-06-24: Quantitative easing back on Bank of England’s agenda;
2011-06-25: Transparency hides Zambia’s lost billions;
2011-06-26: How the FED engineered the Great Depression;
2011-06-27: Is the Chinese Economy Sputtering for the Same Reasons as the American Economy?
2011-06-28: SCO vs Bilderberg: Where are the real decisions being made?
2011-06-29: Cuts to hit primary education;
2011-06-30: Egypt’s economy: Light, dark and muddle.


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