Kashmir to promote sheep husbandry

… to meet increased mutton demand.

Linked with Kashmir – Shrinagar- Jammu.

Published on NewKerala.com, May 11, 2007, ANI.

Dachigam, Jammu and Kashmir: Kashmir is all set to promote sheep husbandry in a big way to meet increasing demand for mutton. Local sheep breeders say if the government policies work, it would also create ample job avenues in the sector. “Here the market for sheep is very good. The local demand and need here is more for wool or manure. This is also helping in generation of employment,” said Lateef Ahmed, a sheep breeder in Dachigam.

Last winter, due to heavy snowfall the national highway, the region’s only link to the rest of the country was closed for over a month, causing acute shortage of mutton in the valley, giving way to black marketing. But the State Government says this year the demand was met from its new breeding facilities at Daksum, Panthal, Dachigam and Resai, which are of international standards. (full text).

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