ILO says, workplace discrimination still rampant

Picked up on United Press International upi, May 11, 2007.

Excerpt: … The International Labour Organisation ILO on Thursday said that rising gender disparities in income and opportunities persist in workplaces globally. “Despite major advances in fighting discrimination at work, mounting inequalities in income, significant and persistent forms of workplace discrimination are causing growing concern”, ILO (International Labour Organisation) said in a new report (The New ILO Global Report on Equality at Work 2007) released in Geneva.

The report entitled: “Equality at Work: Tackling the Challenges”,provided a global picture of job-related discrimination and recommendations to overcome them. It noted that people were not only being discriminated against based on their sex, race or religion, but also on newer criteria such as age, sexual orientation, HIV/AIDS status and disability.

ILO said barriers to equality could prevent societies from realising the full potential of today’s globalised economy, noting however that, its member states had made great progress in curtailing discrimination in the workplace.

Discrimination: “The condemnation of discrimination in employment and occupation is today almost universal”, it stressed, noting the progress been made since its first edition was issued four years ago as most of its member states ratified their conventions the issue. “However, the need to stamp out such discrimination has become far more urgent in the face of a world that appears increasingly unequal, insecure and unsafe”, the report observed. ILO warned that inequalities in income, assets and opportunities diluted the effectiveness of any action aimed at combating discrimination … (full text).

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