How the FED engineered the Great Depression

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Published on Intrepid Report, by Jerry Mazza, June 24, 2011.

Fresh from writing Wall Street and the Fed’s stranglehold on America, based on A Study of the Federal Reserve and Its Secrets by the legendary Eustace Clarence Mullins, I thought it would be of great value to follow the money (in this case the gold) in the FED’s 1925 scheme to take down the stock market to cast the U.S. into the havoc of the Great Depression. This is all the more to increase the value of Mullins’ book and readers’ awareness of this nefarious act and organization. 

Beginning on page 95 of Mullins’ tract, he speaks of the Federal Reserve System’s international gold dealings and its active help for the “League of Nations to force the nations of Europe and South America back on the gold standard for the benefit of international gold merchants like Eugene Meyer, Jr. and Albert Straus.” This effort was also aided by a classic incident, the sterling credit of 1925 … //

… Thus, it was one of those backstairs, backdoor meetings, which aimed in a way at the destruction of the Federal Reserve Board itself. When you desire to stabilize the value of gold, you have to cooperate with other countries, and mostly with their central banks. The secret meetings between the Federal Reserve Board Governors and heads of the European central banks were not held to stabilize anything, but rather to talk about the best way of getting the gold held in the United States by the Federal Reserve System back to Europe—and also to get the nations of that continent back on the gold standard.

Mullins writes, “The League of Nations had not yet succeeded in doing that because the U.S. Senate had refused to let Woodrow Wilson betray us to an international monetary authority. It took the Second World War and FDR to do that.”

In fact, Europe needed the gold which we had, and the Federal Reserve System stealthily gave it to them, $500 million worth. The passage of that gold out of the U.S. caused the deflation of the stock boom and the collapse of business prosperity in the 1920s, resulting in the Great Depression. Mullins comments that it was the worst calamity which has ever befallen this nation.

It is completely logical to say that the American people suffered that depression as a consequence and a punishment for not wishing to join the League of Nations. The bankers understood what would happen when and if that 500 million worth of gold was shipped to Europe. Mullins writes, “They wanted the Depression because it put the business and finance of the United States completely in their hands.”

The Federal Reserve System did not want stabilization and the American businessman did not want it. They wanted those gyrations in prices, not only in securities but commodities and trade generally, as you see now. Those in control, making their profits now as then, make it from that very instability. If not in a legitimate way, there is always a way to produce it by general upheavals such as have characterized society in the past as today.

“Revolutions have been promoted by dissatisfaction with existing conditions,” writes Mullins, “the control being in the hands of the few, and the many paying the bills.” The rest is history albeit buried under the dust and suffering generations of time. In fact, it takes on particular relevance in light of the “Egyptian Spring” and other revolutions occurring currently in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, many affected by the United Nations, the FED, Wall Street, with CIA/USA funding and operatives.

I would advise our present-day Federal Reserve Board to take heed that the United States never be manipulated into a disaster of Depression magnitude again. Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, or one day its true owners, the people and taxpayers of America, that sleeping giant may just take your heads in exchange.

For further, comprehensive reading on the Federal Reserve System, I highly recommend The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATELY OWNED Corporation, by Thomas D. Shauf. It is a cornucopia of valuable, eye-opening information. Every American concerned with our present economic condition should read this 45-page essay. (full long text).

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