Film-makers’s goal to get to Himalayas

TWO women from Llanidloes are embarking on a journey of a lifetime to make a film in the remote mountain villages in Ladakh often referred to as ‘Little Tibet’, high in the Himalayas. Orla McConville and Chanah Hall will endure a mammoth journey including a flight to Delhi, a 24-hour train journey, a bus journey and a 4-day trek on foot into mountains covered by snow eight months of the year. Powys Environmental and Development Edu-cation Centre (PEDEC) who initiated this awareness-raising project, wished to offer this rare opportunity to young film-makers to explore the eight Millennium Development Goals. Orla and Chanah decided to focus on Gender Equality (goal number three) and Ensuring Environmental Sustainability (goal number seven). The two travellers will be staying alongside villagers at 3,500 metres – over three times higher than Snowdonia – which up until very recently has had little influence or contact from the Western World. It looks to be a fascinating insight into an ancient civilisation that like so many other communities are bearing the weight of Western influence, May 17, 2007. (full text).

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