U.S. arms sales to India

U.S. expects breakthrough in arms sales to India, State Dept. – Published on NOVOSTI, russian news & information agency, May 24, 2007.

Two excerpts: U.S. arms exporters are ready to become major suppliers to the Indian market, while the Bush administration anticipates a breakthrough in bilateral defense relations next year, the U.S. undersecretary of state for political affairs said …

… Moscow may not be thrilled by such ambitious plans as its military cooperation with Delhi goes back nearly 50 years, India accounting for about 40% of Russian arms exports. Eighty percent of India’s Armed Forces, the second- largest in the region, are equipped with Russian weaponry.

The two countries have signed a host of arms deals, worth $2.6 billion, including most recently an agreement on transfering Russian technology to build RD-33 jet engines in India and to develop a military transport plane together – seen as a move to secure a contract for 126 MiG-35 jet fighters against the backdrop of fierce competition from the U.S., Sweden and France. (full text).

More infos in russian.

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