Clearstream and some french politics

Linked with Denis Robert – France.

Clearstream Banking S.A. (CB) is the clearing division of Deutsche Börse, based in Luxembourg: It was created in January 2000 through the merger of Cedel International and Deutsche Börse Clearing, part of the Deutsche Börse Group, which owns the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Cedel, established in 1971, specialized in clearance and settlement. In 1996 it obtained a bank license. In July 2002 Deutsche Börse purchased the remaining 50% of Clearstream International for €1.6 billion. Deutsche Börse’s strategy is to be a vertical securities silo, providing facilities for the front and back ends of securities trading. By 2004 Clearstream contributed €114 million to Deutsche Börse’s total Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) of €452.6 million. It handled 50 million transactions, and was custodian of securities worth € 7,593 trillion. In Révélation$ (2001), by investigative reporter Denis Robert and ex-Clearstream banker Ernest Backes, Clearstream was accused of being an international platform for money laundering and tax evasion via an illegal system of secret accounts (the “Clearstream Affair” / full long text on wikipedia).

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