India economy predicted to overtake Japan

Forecasted by ABC Radio Australia.

Japan’s central bank chief predicts India’s economy will overtake the Japanese economy by 2025 to rank third in the world after the United States and China in terms of purchasing power parity.

Bank of Japan governor, Toshihiko Fukui, also urged India to loosen restrictions on capital flows and develop domestic bond markets so as to further integrate itself into the global economy.

He says everyone recognises the large and varied influence India is having on the world.

Mr Fukui is also pressing India to minimise environmental damage and take steps to boost energy efficiency to help curb high energy prices.

India is expected to report Thursday that its economy expanded at a record 9.2 per cent in the past financial year despite a series of monetary tightening measures by the central bank to cool inflation.

Same on Khaleej Times online.

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