China, India studying potential for regional trade pact

Published on, 30 May 2007.

Mumbai: China and India will complete a joint study on a potential regional trade pact, which could play a key role in Asian economic integration, by October.

“Government agencies and research institutions from the two sides, headed by the commerce ministry and the Indian department of commerce, have conducted a feasibility study on the regional trade arrangement,” China’s vice minister of commerce Yi Xiaozhun said.

Yi said the study would play a key role in the economic integration of Asia if it leads to a regional trade pact linking China and India. The move also comes amid an impressive 57 per cent growth in bilateral trade.

“We expect to complete the study by October,” the China Daily quoted him as saying. The study was kicked off in New Delhi in March 2006. So far, three rounds of working panels have been held studying issues concerning trade in goods, trade in services and investment … (full text).

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