Problems with African Aid

I found an old article written by Gosha on the website But first I would like to give some comments to the question, that we have to pay and pay and pay again and again African, to help them to come up economically.

As concerning Africa there are two more hidden realities. The way how Africans manage their economic surviving is not really helping them:

1) – Forgive me to say it, but MEN in Africa have a destructive behavior with money they receive. WOMAN are more able to use the received money REALLY for what it has been given. This is an old experience of humanitarian organisations, even 30 years ago. Then, the organisation I was with had always given the needed money directly in the hand of (only) women. And as long as I can observe it today, this item has not changed since, in any way.

2) -The behavior, never letting die hungry a member of the family, turns into a destructive situation, as soon as one member of a family earns some more money, making him able to lodge and feed his own children in a comfortable way: then the rest of the big clan jumps on this person, coming to him and ask for free eating and lodging. This is happening here in Europe when the members of a big family out of Africa follow their first arriving son .

And then, as a result, these newcomers find any excuses NOT to work themselves for their live. Believe me, this is exactly what I am observing around me. In this way, any progress for individual blacks is cut down.

The other day, a smart fine African friend of me told me: you whities you have to pay us, to help us to come out of our colonization trauma and recover development.

I told him:

1) first we simple pleople of the north have also been exploited by the aristocrats and leaders of the colonisation. But we have battled, during generations, to realise some small laws protecting us from dying hungry. (And this battle for some economic justice is not finished today, it is even worse).

2) second, we have only to help you to get the possibility to come out. This not first by money, by paying you eternally your survival. You have to create your business, your teaching, your work, we have to look for some commercial equality and justice. As you are very clever in bargaining and marchandising. Here we have nothing to learn you.

We have to accept you as equal partners in any human activity. But the work, the building up of your African countries life structures has to be done by you.

And then, you blacks you have to learn equality and justice inside of your own community. Give it first to your women.

Then we spoke about global realities:

- those having the big money in their hands want hold control over it. One mechanism of control consists in NOT letting people do what they want, but holding them strongly in a program they cannot escape (see IWF, WORLD BANK etc.).

- peoples wanting escape this programs can follow some new ways like tried by Brazil or Venezuela, making react the ‘big ones’. Then this country has to stand this reactions. Best results could be obtained IF many countries do the same. This for the political way, IF the elites of a poor country agree with (but mostly they have the right to pariticpate a bit in the economic rape).

- IF not, next choice: peoples can change again and again the elites, until you have those you want. The crux is, peoples begin to share the elites behavior, as soon as they have the possibility. And then changes are difficult.


And now the old article out of Political Rant:

This year has been declared as the Africa year by the British PM Tony Blair. Today, G.W. Bush has announced that the United States will pledge (doesn’t mean give) $674 million to the African cause. British music icon Sir Bob Geldof, meanwhile, is organizing the Live8 music concert to benefit African nations fighting poverty.

It all may sound good and well, but it’s just a waste of money. None of these benefits, none of the commitments have helped African nations rise from its poverty. Most of sub-Saharan and western Africa remains mired in civil war, HIV/AIDS epidemic, or plain old poverty. The problem, as the recent article in Forbes magazine suggests, is that it’s not the money that Africa really needs, but the forced reform of its governments and institutions. The West collects and sends billions upon billions of dollars every year to African nations, but rarely does that money reach the hands of those who need it the most. Instead, it gets funneled towards other, less noble causes like lining up the pockets of corrupt officials, arming the militaries, and enhancing the autocratic control of some of Africa’s leaders.

If the West is trying to raise money really help Africa, they have to find a new approach, and not half-ass it like they’ve been doing for the last three decades. But it seems that these efforts are sort of like sin eradicators. These former Western empires, I think, are just having periodic fits of guilt, and throwing money at Africa is, in a way, a substitute for going to a confessional. Some may say its blasphemy to criticize a cause like this, but it really isn’t. It is, once again, money thrown away.

Blair’s “new” proposal includes 100% debt forgiveness for African states that need it the most, increased aid and fairer trade. But really, which company would want to conduct trade with an impoverished and unstable African countries like Eritrea or Somalia or the Sudan? They won’t do it just to be charitable. Things have to really change for the better there, and that has to start with liberalizing the economies, stabilizing the social unrest, and introducing some sort of a democratic norm to these feudal states.

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