U.S. High Finance Drives the World into Interest Slavery Systematically

A new form of imperialism – Published on Current Concerns no. 13, by Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer, August 9, 2011.

Much that appears to be absurd in the Euro crises and the world financial crises might well be strategically wanted and planned: 

  • Why did the U.S. citizens have to take public liability for the wrong speculations of the high finance banks?
  • And why did the EU states also have to take liability for the losses of the international gambit banks?
  • And why did the FED (Federal Reserve Bank), owned by the High Finance, put the interest rate down to zero for their member banks?
  • Why did the international gambit banks burden the countries with more loans than they could handle let alone repay on the basis of ordinary interest rates?
  • And why did Sarkozy, Trichet, Strauss-Kahn and Obama, bankster buddies turned polititians, force the solid euro countries to become joint debtors for the debts of the heavily indepted individual states and to turn the EU into a transfer union against all statutes and agreements?
  • And why did the ECB (European Central Bank), against their statutes, have to take more toxic credits of the gambit banks for indebted countries (Greece, Portugal) in excess of their own funds?
  • And why must the international banks that provide the toxic credits to bust states, not be made liable in parts for these credits?
  • Why is it that after privatized top profits from the toxic financial products discussion only runs on socialized liability and repayment?
  • And why does the world finance industry and their subserviant governments persistently refuse to admit long existing insolvency of indepted countries (Greece, Portugal, Ireland and others)?
  • And why are heavily indebted bust countries like Greece or Portugal not allowed to declare state bancruptcy and then put themselves back on an even keel again?

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Link: Was ist Mittelstandsökonomie?

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