Summit ends with row over ‘no new money’ for Africa

Claims that pledge to give AIDS drugs to all in need ‘watered down’

Published on Irish, by David Blair, Saturday June 09 2007.
THE G8 summit in Germany ended in controversy last night when the world’s most powerful countries vowed to spend Ł30bn (€44bn) on fighting AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Campaigners denounced this figure as a “misleading” compendium of earlier announcements, probably involving no new money.

Africa was the theme of the gathering’s final day in the Baltic town of Heiligendamm. Before leaving for London, Mr Blair, attending his last G8, hailed the outcome as “real progress”.

But campaigners say that a pledge brokered by the outgoing British prime minister when he chaired the Gleneagles summit almost two years ago has been “watered down”. Then, the G8 focused on providing HIV-positive people with the anti-retroviral drugs which can prolong their lives by preventing AIDS developing. (full text).

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