A NEW World Bank – social and democratic?

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One discussion is named ‘A NEW World Bank – social and democratic?‘.

Kit Robison is writing: It would be my hope that Chavez would be joined by others who could provide alternative sources of funding. It would provide a tremendous impetus to change both in the countries the loans were made to and in the World Bank and IMF.

I am part of an organization that is parallel to our local economic development corporation. The basic contention of this is that the standard model of economic development is flawed and so only through a different organization can we start to build on positive economic forces which increase the common good, the commons interest, and builds jobs and security for those who reside here, jobs with a future for the children (in rural areas children often leave these days) and benefit the good of people instead of working to maximize profits for corporations to the detriment of the people.

Now, the reality check externally would indicate that we have very little power. We are not listed on any legislation, we can not claim to have brought a large number of new jobs to the area, etc.

This said the underlying power comes from our voice being present.

There are changes. For instance we are sponsoring two young folk as apprentices into occupations which have a future in our area. Both of these young folk will be trained in installation of renewable energy systems, so their jobs will be long term occupations. Our local economic development corporation has started to steal our tag lines and has energized two committees whose mandate is in keeping with our stated goals. Our local county executive is now regularly calling our president for advice. Actually, the underlying power, but without any recognition, was a source of some contention at our last meeting but all agreed that by creating a parallel organization it put pressure for change on the establishment.

It would be my hope then that others would join Chavez and create a parallel structure to provide necessary economic funding that encouraged economic justice, the good of the majority of people and funding of public programs. I think it would both directly andindirectly effect the world positively. Kit Robison.

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