Soft Power, the Euro-Rescue and the German Greens

Published on Current Concerns no. 14, by km, August 22, 2011.

Politically the present resolutions and plans for the Euro “rescue” mean a further weakening of the European National States and a further shift of political power towards the EU-institutions. This shift is equivalent to an attack on the parliamentary constitutional democracy with its separation of powers, as well as a further attempt to push an EU-Executive Power that is uncontrolled, without separation of powers.  

However, the question arises whether the protagonists are especially focusing on certain states of the euro zone. The increasing resistance in Germany against the current plans also shows: many Germans think that their country is made particularly accountable … //

… The German Greens remain steadfastly at the USA’s side. Some years ago their chairman Cem Özdemir together with the neo-conservative “Project for a New American Century” thundered against Russia. And the same Cem Özdemir supported by other Greens, only recently mobilized against the Russian Prime Minister Putin once more.

The Greens stand at the very front, too, when it comes to levering out the German State and its constitutional order and to giving more power to the Brussels Executive. As early as in May 2000, the former Green-German Minister of War Propaganda Joseph Fischer made this clear in a keynote address at the Berlin Humboldt-University. The speech was much-noticed.

The USA also developed the concept of “soft power”, because in the so called think tanks beyond the Atlantic some are pursuing the strategy that power does not only result from the force of arms, but also requires the large spectrum of political subtleties and tricks. (full text).

Link: U.S. High Finance Drives the World into Interest Slavery Systematically – A new form of imperialism, on Current Concerns no. 13, by Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer, August 9, 2011.

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