Nobody can plunder national wealth

Published by Associate Press of Pakistan, June 19, 2007.

ISLAMABAD, Jun 19 (APP): Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz Tuesday said the government has put in place a strict monetary mechanism and in future nobody would be able to plunder national wealth. “Foreign Exchange Reserves are national asset. It is saving of the nation and nobody can plunder it again,” he said addressing a news conference at his Parliament Chamber.

“Some politicians, by themselves, are dreaming power sharing even before the elections. They are mistaken. Actually they have their eyes set on the US$ 15 billion reserves,” he said.

“But, they should be sure that these reserves are property of people and are not owned by any individual,” he added.

He said the people of Pakistan would not allow anyone to fleece their money and “those dreaming it, should stop dreaming so.” (full text).

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