700 arrested on Brooklyn Bridge in Vancouver-inspired protest

Published on The Hook, by Kilian Crawford, Oct. 1, 2011. – Watch it also: live-stream video on Adbusters from the nonviolent Wall Street Occupation OWS in NYC and financial districts around the world.

An estimated 700 persons were arrested on New York City’s Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday evening. It was the latest development in a weeks-long protest inspired by Vancouver-based Adbusters. The movement, calling itself #OccupyWallStreet OWS, has been gathering followers and momentum since mid-September, despite little mention of it in mainstream US media. In a September 19 post on its website, Adbusters wrote about A Tahrir Moment on Wall Street: … //  

… On its Occupy Wall Street page, Adbusters (Homepage with Live-Video) on Saturday was offering live video and Twitter feeds. As with the protests in Tahrir Square, social media were playing a major role in spreading information. In Canada, Brooklyn Bridge was trending on Saturday night. (In the US, OWS did not appear to be trending at all) … (full text).

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