Reaction on African Aid

Dear Madam Heidi,

I have read in our website your article ?Problems with African Aid?. You put the questions and the problems very straight and also offered some keys of the solutions.

?Things have to really change for the better there, and that has to start with liberalizing the economies, stabilizing the social unrest, and introducing some sort of a democratic norm?.?

I think such problems are exciting in many poor countries: the countries are recovering after civil wars or suffered by other governments and the countries living for a long time with poor economy systems.

Three things you mentioned:

- liberalizing the economies

- stabilizing the social unrest

- introducing some sort of a democratic norm

are main roots and they are very depending from each other.

Without some democratic norms it is hard to achieve liberalization of economy and therefore to keep social stabilization in the country. And you are right, democratic norms should come first from the families and relationships between people. It has to become part of culture of people.

It is such surprising why during so many years receiving such a huge amount of humanitarian aids and donations these countries still remind poor. From the other side it is obviously to see increasing the contrast between rich and poor people there. (I?m telling now not only about Africans countries)

I believe that if ordinary people have normal conditions to work and to provide themselves with food and normal life in their own country they never want to go outside and leave as immigrants. It is responsibility of local governments to provide normal life for its own people: to give them jobs, to establish economy system and commercial equality and justice.

But the group of politicians who comes to the power through the different ways usually they rule economy and politics by their own ways.

The corruption government is not able to build democratic country. But who can control them? How to change the totalitarian system without another war and destabilizations in the country? How to establish democratic norms and to achieve a liberty? And usually such poor countries are depended from other more powerful countries in many ways. Today our world seems like a big Network of all countries. But this network has special powerful points which rule all the rest links.

The current system of relationship between the ?first, second and third worlds? has to be changed for the benefit of all.

Today our politicans have to realize that we all live in one Big Home by name the Earth. So many big scale catastrophes are happening now as tsunamis and earthquakes, hurricanes and strange illness. People need help anywhere and they need the same things: first shelter, food and health care.

Today we all, people around the world being world citizens became closer to each other due to globalization and internet communication. We can see more clearly our common problems and try to find the solutions.

It brings hope. Hope for a better world for the future generations.

Thank you for your article. Sincerely, Gavhar Osimi

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