Euro Rescue-Parachutes

Letter to Current Concerns’ editor – Published on Current Concerns no 22, by Economicus, October 24, 2011.

  • We do not know exactly whether the forthcoming euro-umbrellas are to protect against the southern sun or against the freefall of euro-hostile centers. It also is uncertain, how large the umbrellas must be and how they can be opened. And who exactly will hang from the parachutes?
  • The worthless dollar?
  • The speculative financial economy?
  • The justice-perverting ECB?
  • What is clear, however, is that with the parachutes neither the possessions of a northern nor of a southern EU citizen are to be rescued – instead he, the citizen, will be stigmatized as an innocent debtor and will be enslaved by taxes and inflation.
  • The majority of the decision-making politicians are well aware of that! They are obviously being blackmailed, threatened and screamed at, to make them pursue a policy which is contrary to the interests of the majority of their voters.
  • Are the politicians so keen to keep their seats that they even ready to break their oath of office?
  • The most effective euro rescue-umbrellar will open as soon as when those criminal groups will be deprived of their gambling money, i.e. as soon as the citizen refuses to pay duties and taxes.

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