Monetative – a Monetary Modernization

A people’s initiative strives for the Plain Money Reform – Published on Current Concerns no 22, by Dr rer publ Werner Wüthrich, October 24, 2011.

Who are the initiators? – The Association “Monetary Modernization” (MoMo) has been established only recently. It partly consists of members of the INWO, the Initiative for Natural Economic Order, Switzerland. This organization has its roots in the free economic movement, which was initiated in 1915 by Silvio Gesell. Let me add just a few comments that are of importance for the following: 

in 1924 the Schweizerische Freiwirtschaftsbund (Swiss Free Economy Association) was founded. In 1946 it developed into the Liberal-Socialist Party, which for a long time had its representatives both in the National Council as well as in the Council of States. In 1990 the party was disbanded. The INWO Switzerland was founded from among its circles. Its approximately 300 members see themselves as an independent non-governmental organization (NGO) which makes aware of and offers alternatives to the cash- and land-ownership causes that are responsible for today’s failures, such as the banking crisis.

The INWO has discussed the idea of a people’s initiative to reform the monetary system for some time. With the establishment of the new association called “Monetary Modernization” the group of persons has expanded significantly – among others with politicians from the ranks of the FDP (Liberals) and SVP (Swiss People’s Party).

The association has a scientific advisory board. These include: Professor Philippe Mastronardi (University of St. Gallen), Professor Josef Huber (University of Halle, Germany), Professor emeritus Hans Christoph Binswanger, Dr Peter Hablützel, Professor emeritus Peter Ulrich, Professor Heinrich Bortis. With his book, “Das Geldwesen in öffentliche Hand” (Creating New Money), Professor Huber provided the theoretical framework for the emerging debate.

What do the initiators want? In May this year they invited for a two-day conference in Winterthur on the “Swiss plain money reform”1 and presented a provisional text of the initiative. In the following the basic ideas of their project will be outlined.

Restructuring of the Swiss National Bank: … (full long text).


Initiative for Natural Economic Order INWO, Switzerland / Initiative für natürliche Wirtschaftsordnung INWO, Schweiz (sorry, their website seems publishing only in german, for the moment),
INWO Schweiz, Postfach 3161, 5430 Wettingen 3, Telefon: +41 (0)56 4266090, E-Mail.

Monetary modernization (MoMo) –, 12 Aug. 2011: the newly founded association Monetary modernization (MoMo) will start the public debate on a sustainable monetary and banking system. The goal is a Swiss constitutional initiative. (Published on the german website Vollgeld, MoMo – Verein Monetare Modernisiderung).

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