FBI sending malware to ‘myspace’ clients?

In a word, yes!

Published on gnn, July 20,

An excerpt: … Now the U.S Federal Bureau of Investigation is monitoring the internet social forum Myspace. It’s even mailing malware and spyware out to myspace clients – it’s how they caught out the kid making bomb threats against his high school in the article below. An issue that this incident raises though, is that whether you deserve the attention or not, here’s what the FBI could be monitoring and compiling about your e-habits even as you read. This malware can log:

  • your IP address;
  • the MAC address of ethernet cards;
  • A list of open TCP and UDP ports;
  • A list of running programs;
  • The operating system type, version and serial number;
  • The default internet browser and version;
  • The registered user of the operating system, and registered company name, if any;
  • The current logged-in user name;
  • The last visited URL.

(full text).

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