Incubating A Worker Cooperative On A Shoestring With Time Banks

Watch this video, 20.38 min, published on YouTube, 19 Oct 2011:  Linda Hogan and Terry Daniels of hOur World talk about Time Banks in a presentation for PODER in San Francisco October 11, 2011. Time Banks are a way to get and receive services without total dependence on cash. Their roots reach deep into our history and saved many during the Depression of the 1930’s. Time Banks are making a giant comeback- and this time may be here for good!


THE RURAL CO-OP, ca. 1945 – ca. 1955, 21.13 minutes, Uploaded by PublicResourceOrg, 12 Dec 2009: the Documentary shows how farmers in Rockingham County, Va. improved their businesses by forming cooperative enterprises. R.1. Farmers conduct business at their cooperative general store, gas station and milk plant. R.2. They work together to plan and build a new poultry plant. A typical board meeting illustrates how the cooperative organization functions. U.S. Information Agency;

YouTube’s Video-result with key word co-operative.

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