A Canadian view of Good Governance

The Canadian International Development Agency (websites are published also in french) is a good resource for more information. Human Rights, Democratization, and specially Good Governance are treaten, documents are available, many partners and links proposed.

They write: Governance refers to the manner in which power is exercised by governments in managing a country’s social and economic resources. “Good” governance is the exercise of power by various levels of government that is effective, honest, equitable, transparent and accountable. Programming for good governance includes a wide range of activity areas. Public sector development increases bureaucratic effectiveness through organizational, administrative and policy reform; decentralizing government, both internally and externally (to a range of supranational institutions) extends effectiveness and accountability by bringing government to all appropriate constituency levels; working against existing and potential corruption enables all the positive attributes of good governance listed above; independent, accessible and even-handed legal and judicial systems underpin honest and equitable governance; effective urban government satisfies many of the basic needs of large populations, easing the task at more distant levels of government.

Go to their website for many links to connect to useful documents and websites by CIDA partners.

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