Netizens and WSIS

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De: Jay Hauben
Date: 23/07/2007

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Hi, Wide spread knowledge of the history of the vision and technical development of the net can help strengthen the forces working for universal and quality access. Some of this history and the connection between netizens, the WSIS and universal access is highlighted in the Amateur Computerist Vol 15 No 2 just posted online.

The articles in the issue look at the scientific and technical origins of the Internet, the vision of the libraries of the future, how the internet got to Korea, how the first email connection between the People’s Republic of China and CSnet was established, and critiques market economics as inappropriate for understanding the Internet. These articles grew out of the Netizens panel at the “Past Present and Future of Research on the Internet” side conference held in Tunis in Nov 2005. The issue can be accessed as a pdf file as can the individual article at:

ACN The Amateur Computerist Newsletter (Since 1988), Vol 15, No 2, Table Of Contents.

Below is the opening article of the issue as it appeared on Ohmynews International (Homepage). The editors hope that the publication of these articles will contribute to the continuation of the search for mechanisms of insuring more universal access and the achievement of a more appropriate international governance mechanism. Best wishes. Jay Hauben.

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