CrossTalk on Merkozy: Averting Euro Doomsday?

Watch this video, 23.38 minutes, published on YouTube by RussiaToday, December 7, 2011:  Can European politicians secure a future for the Euro? Will the common currency outlive the political terms of Sarkozy and Merkel? How much pressure will the markets be able to sustain? Are France and Germany’s credit rating downgrades only a matter of time? Will the upcoming Friday meeting be another bitter pill for the markets to swallow? Will the Euro reach a point of no return – and if it does, what will be the final blow? Is the Eurozone too big to fail? CT-ing with Ann Pettifor, Joost van Iersel and James Meadway.  


Letters: How best to nurse the economy back to health, on The Guardian, by Neil Wallis, Banbury /Oxfordshire, 8 December 2011: This government is indeed bleeding the patient and only making the economy sicker (Ed Balls is right on the money, 7 December) but it is optimistic to state that a blood transfusion in the form of a Keynesian economic stimulus will necessarily work …

Ann Pettifor, England: on World People’s Blog; on Advocacy International’s website; on her blog on the financial crisis:; on Steve Keent’s Debtwatch; on en.wikipedia.

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