Time to trust the people

Published on Councillor Bob Piper, December 12, 2011.

There is much to despair about in the coverage in the media this morning in relation to last Friday’s European summit. On the right we have the Mail, Telegraph and the Express with all of their British bulldog bluster, amongst the liberal tendency the Guardian are gung ho for Clegg (again, don’t they ever learn) and we are served up some hand-wringing tripe by Mandelson and Jackie Ashley about ‘anti-Europeans’. 

It may seem strange to some, but as someone on the left I find I have more in common with this piece by Norman Tebbit than with much of the stuff served up by the media today. Firstly, because Tebbit quite rightly identifies the absurdity of an economic union with a variety of different chief finance ministers with conflicting priorities, and no common fiscal policy, and secondly because as someone who believes in democracy the EU response to the financial crisis is fraught with peril at every turn.

Some of the countries busying themselves with cooking up a solution to the problems of the euro zone are not particularly familiar with democratic principles in any event.  Greece may be the ‘birthplace of democracy’ but it is not so long ago it was ruled by a brutal military dictatorship, and Spain and Portugal can readily identify with that … //

… And who is going to save us? Not Ed Miliband, undecided about whether he is appealing to eurosceptic populism or opposing Cameron for being … errm, eurosceptic . Certainly not Clegg who is welded to this wretched Conservative government because without it he and his party face wipe-out in a general election. And most definitely our Prime Minister, talking tough whilst pandering to xenephobes on his back benches, whilst inwardly wanting to sit at the European diplomatic beanfeast.

I fear it is already too late, we havealready gone too far in to this mess without asking for a democratic mandate, but eventually a British Prime Minister is going to have to grow a pair, and put their fate and their faith in the electorate.

Only then will they have the confidence to say… Well, this is what you wanted. (full text – and 18 Responses to Time to trust the people).


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