A bankrupt EU wants to extort Switzerland

Published on Current Concerns, monthly, no 28, by Dr sc. techn. Franz Betschon, retired Colonel GS, December 9, 2011.

… Several weeks after the interview with Roth, which was published a few weeks ago, the development has gone further with great strides. Weeping and gnashing of teeth prevails among EU leaders, and certainly all EU members are going to think the impossible and wonder where the hell some money could come from? Roth said among other things:  

  • “The politicians do not want to hear the truth” (could also be applied to Swiss security policy!).
  • “In the next few years we will be very much exposed to the threats of the EU. The EU has 350 million citizens, we have only 7 million, and in addition we are encircled by the EU. Because we are relatively strong, it is clear that the others will try to lay hands on our money. We are not popular. That is the reality.”
  • This is what Konrad Hummler called the “struggle on one’s reserves” already three and a half years before (Black Book, Part One, p. 7).
  • “The reality is that protectionism is increasing and thus the discrimination of Switzerland.” (You could also call this the “law of the jungle”.)
  • “We are small. Threats and pressure will increase, with this we are forced to live. The stronger the financial problems of our neighbors are, the higher the pressure will be.” (And these problems will lead to self-strangulation, unless a miracle happens.)
  • The fact that Germany and Great Britain have decided the flat rate withholding tax with Switzerland by a bilateral agreement, “is an indication to me that they desperately want to see the money.” [...] “Also the Americans want to see money.”

These are not dark prophecies, as the forecasts of Giardino were a year ago (at that time the Black Book, first part, was published). They can be looked up independently by anyone in the daily press. They will, as usual, soon be repeated by someone or other of VBS as a result of their  own assessments.

Therefore, let’s go to the  extra mile: We still do not know what else has exactly been decided in Brussels on 26th October … //

… Assessment: our government will not inform the public that this letter has been accompanied by massive threats in case of infringement. It will present the operation as a normal intergovernmental procedure and seek fulfillment, because the bludgeon in its hand (the military) is missing. It will pass its reactions off as that of a sovereign state and as a product of its own strategic statecraft. Moreover, it knows well that not one cent of the 100 billion will ever flow back again to Switzerland, and it will wait for the next covetousness.

Bets will be accepted! (full text).

  • (Once again we draw attention to chapter 4 in the first part of this Black Book, “The development of the exterior security of Switzerland”. In it an increasing probability for military conflicts is also derived from the situation of a disarmed European continent in view of the vehement economic war and the worldwide struggle for resources that prevail already.
  • If not under direct participation of the Europeans, so nevertheless on European ground and on European account. At least Switzerland may be forced to pay contributions and to hand over its wealth if it is disarmed.
  • Source: Black Book 2 of the ­Giardino Group – Swiss Army 2011 Gruppe Giardino.ch/Standpunkte).

Link: Schweizer Armee 2011 – Blauäugige Schweiz?, in Zeit-Fragen, no. 21 of May 23, 2011.

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