Axis Paris-Berlin-Moscow in the interest of Europe

Published on Current Concerns no 29 (Source: RIA Novosti), by Rossijskaja gaseta, December 18, 2011.

… “The approaching of Moscow and Germany on the one hand and France on the other hand is already in progress, primarily due to the initiative of Berlin, which is seeking a reinforcement of their economic relations. [...] This process may even be accelerated if the euro-crisis will lead to a depression. Germany as well as France are recognizing, that it is impossible to manage the present crisis on their own.” 

“General de Gaulle’s brilliant idea of a Greater Europe reaching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Ural Mountains and further to the Pacific Ocean could become reality“ is the opinion of the expert.

“I am convinced, that the French, the Germans and the Russians deserve a specific position on the Continent. Creating the axis Paris-Berlin-Moscow is in the political as well as in the economic interest of Europe. The start-up of the gas-pipeline Nord Stream is rightly considered a business project with a political background. I think that the cooperation with Russia, in particular in the energy business which is focused on by Berlin and Paris can become the force by which the trilateral relations might be raised onto a new level, and all of Europe is going to profit from that.” (full text).

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