The BIZ (or BIS or BRI) – a foundation of international bankers

Published on Current Concerns, no. 29, by ts, December 18, 2011.

ts. In his study “La Suisse avant et pendant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale”, Christian Favre provides an insight into the complex backgrounds of the Second World War, how they really were. 

Herewith, Favre offers a welcome correction at the hand of all attentive contemporaries concerning the historical misinterpretations like the Bergier report, directed by the secret services. And a welcome addition to Gotthard Frick’s sincere and enlightening book “Hitler’s war and the self-assertin of Switzerland 1933–1945” (See Current Concerns Nr. 12 from 2.8.2011).

The Treaties of Versailles at the end of the First World War were hard, too hard – as not only today’s historians judge, but many contemporaries as well, like for example the French socialist Briand. Those were no peace politics, he judged. Was this not the seed being sawn for another war, which was to give the power mainly into the hands of the Anglo-Saxon world?

They were international bankers who founded the BIZ in Basel, the bank with the harmless name “for international settlements”. It’s aim was to build up Germany as the milk cow, to milk it and to enable the national socialists to build up an efficient army … //

… (voir encadré en bas de la page): Christian Favre, “La Suisse avant et pendant la Seconde Gurerre Mondiale”, Lyon 2011, ISBN 978-2-35508 841-4, p.16.
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The Bank for International Settlements BIS is an intergovernmental organization of central banks which “fosters international monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for central banks.” It is not accountable to any national government. The BIS carries out its work through subcommittees, the secretariats it hosts, and through its annual General Meeting of all members. It also provides banking services, but only to central banks, or to international organizations like itself …

Bank für Internationalen Zahlungsausgleich BIZ on de.wikipedia;

Bank for International Settlements BIS on en.wikipedia;

Banque des règlements internationaux BRI on fr.wikipedia;

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Né en 1975 à La Chaux-de-Fonds, Christian Favre obtient en 2002 une licence en histoire contemporaine à l’Université de Fribourg … Passé dans le monde du journalisme, il est aujourd’hui correspondant parlementaire à Berne pour la Radio Suisse Romande.

Christian Favre, Une frontière entre la guerre et la paix. Les échanges au quotidien autour de l’Arc jurassien (1937-1945).

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