Index January 2012

2012-01-01: Tackling Food Insecurity for Kenya’s Unseen Population;
2012-01-02: Axis Paris-Berlin-Moscow in the interest of Europe;
2012-01-03: Economic Collapse – Banks Stealing Gold and Silver Bullion;
2012-01-04: Canadian Miners Make the Big Move into Afghanistan;
2012-01-04: The BIZ (or BIS or BRI) – a foundation of international bankers;
2012-01-05: Media Manipulation and the Drums of War;
2012-01-05: Pour déjouer la dictature économique: Échange cours de piano contre travaux de plomberie;
2012-01-06: Reflections on Iraq and Arab-US relations;
2012-01-06: Humanity’s Survival in the 21st Century – in russian language;
2012-01-07: Money Power Runs America;
2012-01-08: Exxon loses Venezuela nationalisation case;
2012-01-09: American, British, Israeli and Iranian Warships Sailing Towards Confrontation;
2012-01-10: Basic Income;
2012-01-11: Saving the Post Office and Postal Banking : The Models of Kiwibank and Japan Post;
2012-01-12: The Global Economic Crisis — Part 1;
2012-01-13: Losing Momentum: Germany Could Face Recession in 2012;
2012-01-14: High pay: what Machiavelli would have recommended a politician do;
2012-01-15: Would the US be defeated in the Persian Gulf in a War with Iran?
2012-01-15: France Shows the Way – Tax Wall Street;
2012-01-16: The Perils of 2012;
2012-01-17: The Origins of the Union Shop;
2012-01-18: Temporary Respite: Why ECB’s Tricks Won’t Solve the Crisis;
2012-01-19: Law and Order 24/7, Except at Tax Time;
2012-01-20: Degrade This: Financial Terrorism Is Europe’s New Spectre;
2012-01-21: After the Internet Blackout: Now What?
2012-01-21: We did it – we stopped PIPA and SOPA;
2012-01-22: A Captive Nation: Economic and Social Crisis at Home Equals Wars Abroad?
2012-01-23: Working and Poor in the USA;
2012-01-24: about Greece and its dept;
2012-01-25: Paul Krugman Makes Housing Call He Will Likely Come to Regret;
2012-01-26: Hunger is a weapon of mass destruction, says Jean Ziegler;
2012-01-27: Will Iran Kill the Petrodollar?
2012-01-28: Asia-Pacific: Mutinous PNG troops demand full pardon;
2012-01-29: World Economic Forum 2012 in Davos – some Debates on YouTube;
2012-01-29: zur Banken und Wirtschaftskrise;
2012-01-30: Iran Sanctions Conducive to Weak Dollar and Spiralling Gold Prices;
2012-01-31: Anschluss Economics: The Germans Launch a Blitzkrieg on the Greek Debt Negotiations.

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