Basic Income

(le sujet en français / das Thema auf deutsch)

Basic Income Grant – Equal Money FAQ, by SignsOfTimesNews, October 25, 2012: Initially we will be lobbying for the introduction universally/globally for a basic income grant that will support every human being with an income in terms of housing, education, shelter, electricity, water and the ability to move around … 

The Unconditional Basic Income Economy – part 1 of 2 [FJvid069Len], 9.53 min, by iteki-san, August 9, 2009: A model for the financial stability of the state and economy in a social state as it exists today (Germany for instance). And how an Unconditional Basic Income [UBI] could be realized. Also discussing (in part 2) if consumption or income taxes could be totally replaced by the other tax type respectively …

Pour déjouer la dictature économique: Echange cours de piano contre travaux de plomberie;

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Basic Income on YouTube-search.

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