Iran and Nicaragua bypass United States

Published on, by staff, August 6, 2007.

Lines Don’t All Lead to Washington

… In fact, USA is trying with full determination, to impose its logic but it seems that things don’t go according to its wishes, as we are witnessing everyday further expansion in a network of economic relations among different world countries that don’t go in line with the US economy, rather these relations are characterized by refusing Washington’s political logic based on its economic thinking. Within this context, we can read the results of the agreement signed lately between Iran and Nicaragua, and according to what President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua announced, that this agreement is about building a new seaport by the Iranian side in Nicaragua with a total value of $350 m in return Tehran will get coffee, meat, and banana from Nicaragua. This agreement would strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries, and may be it explains what Condoleezza Rice said that Iran stands against the US interests …

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