Statement made by IAWRT

Statement made by the International Association of Women in Radio and Television IAWRT to point “J “in the Beijing Plan of Action

    Linked with Alina Radu – Moldavia.

    “Women and the Media” should be viewed on two different levels.

    On the public level, within the framework of a free and independent press the media should play a central role as a tool in the implementation of all the twelve points in the Plan of Action:

  • by placing gender-related issues on the agenda,
  • by raising public awareness on women?s human rights and influencing traditional attitudes to the roles of men and women in society,
  • by monitoring Governments and institutions on their achievements and failures with regard to the implementation of the Plan of Action.

On the media level, to enable the media to fullfill its role in the implemtation of the Plan of Action initiatives should be taken and active support given to:

  • training opportunities for women in the media, particularly with regard to new technology, the Internet and basic journalism,
  • grassroots projects to enable women to regord and communicate their own everyday lives and concerns,
  • radio projects as a medium to reach out to and access women in more isolated areas in third world countries,
  • study courses and research aimed at sensitizing both journalists and the general public on gender portrayal: how men and women are portrayed and on which issues they are given a voice,
  • mechanisms to bring more women into top management positions in media companies.

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