Energy dominates Shanghai summit

Published on BBC, August 17, 2007.

Greater co-operation over energy and security have dominated talks between the presidents of China and Russia and their Central Asian counterparts …

… Mr Nazarbayev said the region’s Soviet-era network of gas and oil pipelines could form the basis for an Asian energy market – adding that Kazakhstan had already drawn up a draft strategy for an SCO energy club. “We think that a mechanism of meetings of energy ministers from the SCO member and observer states should function in the context of the idea of an energy club,” he told the summit …

… Mr Ahmadinejad’s visit is adding to the suspicion with which the US and Europe have always viewed the organisation, our correspondent says. The Iranian leader took the opportunity to tell the summit that US plans for a missile defence shield “concern most of the continent, both Asia and the SCO members”. After the summit, all six SCO leaders were due to travel to Russia where more than 6,000 troops from all member states are holding joint military exercises. This is proof the SCO is taking its growing role very seriously indeed, our correspondent adds. (full text).


SCO States Hold Joint Military Exercises;

SCO leaders observe joint anti-terror drill;

Final stage of SCO drill begins;


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