Deal becoming a hot potato?

Linked with Praful Bidwai – India.

Published on Khaleej Times Online, by PRAFUL BIDWAI, 12 August 2007.

SINCE this clumn discussed the India-United States “123 agreement” two weeks ago, its text has been released. What was earlier reported as a major “breakthrough” is suddenly becoming a hot potato.

The agreement, meant to translate the India-US nuclear deal of July 2005 into reality, has more critics than supporters in the Indian political class. India’s Left parties now oppose the agreement. As do the Bharatiya Janata Party, its allies, and most regional parties. Virtually everyone barring the United Progressive Alliance seems to be against it.

The Left’s rationale, stated in a five-page document, has to with the deal’s links to a close “strategic partnership” with the US, as well as some differences between “123″ and the Hyde Act passed by the US Congress. The Left opposes a strategic embrace of the US for internally consistent reasons. It also says the Hyde Act can be used arbitrarily to terminate nuclear cooperation … (full text).

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