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The number of journals indexed in EconLit has grown from 182 periodicals in 1969 to over 1,000 journals today. Journals are selected for inclusion in EconLit on the basis of their peer-reviewed economic content, which must be substantial or of equal emphasis in interdisciplinary journals. Look here for a complete list of journals currently indexed in EconLit * with links to publishers’ URLs.  

EconLit includes references to articles in economics journals from all over the world, most of which are in English or with English summaries. For records dating from years 1969-78, EconLit includes journal articles only in English or with English summaries. Beginning with 1979 updates, EconLit includes a small number of non-English journals, some of which print articles without English summaries. (Non-English articles without English summaries are classified by only one subject descriptor: “Foreign Language Article.”)

Abstracts begin with 1987 updates in EconLit and appear for about one-third of the journal articles until 1989, when abstracts begin to appear for most full journal articles.

Journal articles are classified using subject descriptors corresponding to the Journal of Economic Literature classification system. Records also include keywords and geographic descriptors when appropriate. Records for journal articles include the ISSN number of the journal. Authors’ institutional affiliations appear in records added since 1990. Searches may be limited to articles in journals by including the document type “journal article.”

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Allied Social Sciences Association ASSA: … is a group of academic and professional organizations that are officially recognized by the American Economic Association AEA and are related to the study of social sciences … as of 2007, there are fifty organizations that participate in the annual meetings of the ASSA, including: … (long list). For ASSA no own website found;

ASSA on en.wikipedia, and on Facebook;

AEA on en.wikipedia, and the AEA website;

Announcement on AEA: Thomas Sargent and Christopher Sims have been named as co-recipients of the 2011 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. The prize recognizes their contributions to “empirical research on cause and effect in the macroeconomy.” Chris Sims is the current President of the AEA, having taken office in January 2012. Tom Sargent served as President of the Association in 2007:

National Economic Association … was founded in 1969 as the Caucus of Black Economists to promote the professional lives of minorities within the profession. We are particularly interested in producing and distributing knowledge of economic issues that are of exceptional interest to native and immigrant African Americans, Latinos, and other people of color … ;

European Economic Association EEA: on the wikipedia, its EEA website.

* Beispiel / Exemple:

Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik zfwu / Journal for Business, Economics and Ethics:

  • Die zfwu stellt Ihnen im Rahmen der OpenAccess-Initiative nach einer Sperrfrist alle in der zfwu veröffentlichten Texte kostenlos zur Verfügung. Der Sperrfrist unterliegen jeweils die drei aktuellen Ausgaben. Für die kostenpflichtige Nutzung der Online-Version der jeweils drei aktuellen Ausgaben wenden Sie sich bitte an den Rainer Hampp Verlag.
  • The zfwu takes part in the Open Access-Initiative. After a retention-period, all texts which are published in the zfwu are free. The retention period is applied to the three current issues. For the fee-based use of the online version of the three most current issues, please contact Rainer Hampp Verlag.

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